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Unity3D Developer

The Great Fleece

A short stealth-adventure game with both point-and-click and keyboard input. 

Move Darren across a room full of guards and security cameras and help him reach the vault!


It took me 5 weeks to build the game, including:

  • Cinematic direction of many cutscene
  • Precise geometrical evaluations for player movement
  • Gameplay logic, cutscene conditional triggering
  • Enemy dynamic AI



Built in a 7-days challange, this game is a classic solitaire clone.

All assets and gameplay are strongly based on Unity Canvas usage and Event handling.

It took me 6 days to complete this version, featuring a pause menu, restart game functionality and, of course, the solitaire itself

2D Galaxy Shooter

This is my very first project! I used to learn a lot about Unity and its features.

It is a 2D space shooter playable on PC that is similar to classic retro arcade games like Galaga. 

I developed all major gaming mechanics from scratch:

  • player, asteroids and enemy movement
  • enemy behaviour
  • spawn managers
  • powers ups
  • post-processing effects
  • menus, UI
  • gameplay balancing

… and much more by using C# and Unity3D. 


Have a look at my Medium Archive for a full development log! 

Date: July, 2021

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